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Airports in Namibia
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:43:51 pm »
Hi everybody,

Two things on Airports in Namibia:

- The capital Windhoek is served by two Airports, Eros, which is closer to the city and serves mainly domestic traffic, and Hosea Kutako Intl. In the simulation, both Airports are ranked as a 2.
I'd suggest to improve Hosea Kutako to a 3, as it has international traffic to Europe and the gulf in real life (A333, B787). (on the other hand one cold reduce Eros even to a 1 maybe, as there are only regional jets and no A320 or B737 or the like. But given that most airports of way smaller towns in Southern Africa are a 2, it would be odd.)

WDH 2 -> 3

(ERS 2 -> 1)

- The Airport of Walvis Bay, Namibias 2nd biggest city, is missing (while there are airports of clearly smaller towns)

Scale 2

If necessary the following nearby towns should be added:

Walvis Bay, pop 62069, -22.956111, 14.508056
Swakopmund, pop 44725, -22.683333, 14.533333
country code NA