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Airports levels from Argentina
« on: January 01, 2019, 01:44:05 pm »
Ezeiza could be 7 (it receives 747-8)
Cordoba should be at least 4 based IRL flights (it receives 787, a330 and 767)
Puerto Iguazu at least 3 (Air Europa will start to operate 787 there)
Ushuaia at least 3 (Aerolíneas Argentinas used to operate a340 there)
Rosario at least 3
Also, Aeroparque is missing in Buenos Aires, but it must be at most 3 (it cannot receive big planes)
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Re: Airports levels from Argentina
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2019, 09:12:43 am »
forgot to say that there are plenty airports wich receives 737/320 (jujuy, rio gallegos, santa fe, resistencia, corrientes, salta, mendoza, tucumán, posadas, neuquen, and many more), so they also deserve 3


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Re: Airports levels from Argentina
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2019, 10:57:24 am »
The airport sizes are automatically determined by the runway size if the airport is classified as a "large_airport" by the airport source list, otherwise it gets relegated to scale 2, regardless of runway size. We don't know how they determine if an airport is large or medium, but it's probably based on importance/traffic.
Some airports have been manually adjusted by patson according to the IRL traffic. (any airport with size > 6 was manually adjusted).

What I want to say with this is, what airplane lands on an airport isn't all that important, the scale is mostly a reflection of the relevance of the airport.
So, all those airports that have 737/a320 flights won't receive an adjustment to scale 3, this would be unfair to the rest of the world. If they have a high traffic, they could be adjusted.
Cordoba has a really small pax count, just under 3mi, and only a couple regional flights, so imo it should at most be a scale 3, and that would already be a little unfair to hundreds airports on the same situation.
Anything above scale 6 is manually added based on pax count or other circunstances, EZE doens't have either so IDK if deserves an upgrade.

The something Newberry airport, north of EZE, is in my "to add" list, but with the current server situation, nothing is being added atm, tho if it were up to me, it would be only a scale 2, it does have a huge pax count, but the runway is really small for it to be anything above scale 2.

This ofc is just my opinion, patson is the one that make the decisions about upgrading airports.
I just add missing airport/cities to the list, and what I said above is what I take into consideration when I add new airports.

TBH, now that I think about it, IDK why the algorithm adjusting scale by runway size isn't run for every airport, the population amount in each airport is determined by the cities it covers anyway, not by it's scale, the scale determines how big the coverage area is. I'll change that locally and see how things go.

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