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Continental inaccuracies
« on: August 18, 2019, 04:38:36 am »
I've collated a table of the airports with the wrong continet set, seen below. The continents are taken from a geographical viewpoint, therefore some Caribbean islands that are in fact atop the South American continental shelf have suggested changes from North America to South America, however classifying all Caribbean islands as North American is also sometimes used.

NameIATACurrent ContinentTrue Continent
La PalmaSPCEuropeAfrica
Tenerife NorteTFNEuropeAfrica
Tenerife SouthTFSEuropeAfrica
Gran CanariaLPAEuropeAfrica
Fuerteventura FUEEuropeAfrica
Porto SantoPXOEuropeAfrica
Joćo Paulo IIPDLEuropeAfrica
PiarcoPOSNorth AmericaSouth America
Tobago-Crown PointTABNorth AmericaSouth America
HatoCURNorth AmericaSouth America
Queen BeatrixAUANorth AmericaSouth America
Gustavo Rojas PinillaADZSouth AmericaNorth America
LihueLIHNorth AmericaOceania
KalaeloaJRFNorth AmericaOceania
HonoluluHNLNorth AmericaOceania
MolokaiMKKNorth AmericaOceania
LanaiLNYNorth AmericaOceania
Kapalua JHMNorth AmericaOceania
Kahului OGGNorth AmericaOceania
Upolu UPPNorth AmericaOceania
Waimea KohalaMUENorth AmericaOceania
KonaKOANorth AmericaOceania
HiloITONorth AmericaOceania
Dumatumbun LUVAsiaOceania
Nabire NBXAsiaOceania
Sentani DJJAsiaOceania
Pattimura AMQAsiaOceania
Sultan Khairun BabullahTTEAsiaOceania
Gelendzhik GDZEuropeAsia
Anapa VityazevoAAQEuropeAsia
Heydar AliyevGYDAsiaEurope