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Hello, I noticed when looking through data that KISP is a level 2 airport, which is inappropriate based on the real life service the airport sees. While it is a pretty low traffic airport (mainly through mismanagement of various varieties... but I digress :)), it is capable of handling a lot more than it does. Plus, ISP sees A321 service from Frontier, which is a class 3 aircraft. SWA has also flown 737s there for many years. With a runway just a hair over 7,000 feet, you could get a widebody in there if you had to (11/29 at EWR is shorter, and A330s regularly operate from there). The terminal is good to adequate depending on where you are- the part SWA uses handles 737s with ease.

I'd say level 3 is appropriate for this airport. If we're going by airfield capability, I think 4 is justified (I think the airport could accommodate a 767, for instance)
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I agree, but this is not the only airport. A whole lot of airports are the wrong size in the sim.

Have you ever taken a look at Lyon St. Exupery airport (LFLL) in France? In the game it's a size 2 airport, while in real life it sees aircraft like the 777 and A330 on a regular basis. They've even had a number of A380s there as well as the AN-225. It has a 4000 meter runway, which is plenty long enough for even the heaviest aircraft. In fact it's one of the longest runways in the entire country. Not to mention, this airport handled over 11 million people last year.

In the game it's said to have a population coverage of 187.757. In real life the city of Lyon has 516.092 inhabitants and the metro area even comes as far as 2.265.375 inhabitants. So this population coverage is way off.

Perhaps worth mentioning that Lyon Bron airport, which is also present in the game, was closed for airline traffic in 1975 when St. Exupery opened. What's more, both airports are the same scale. In reality St. Exupery is many times bigger than Bron, which has been downgraded to a general aviation airport.

And Lyon is by far not the only example where the data are incorrect, there are many more.