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Some Suggestions (Mostly Charm-related)
« on: January 29, 2020, 11:00:29 am »
CGK - Financial Centre
At the moment, CGK only has "International Hub" as its charm, which begs the question on why it's there in the first place when Indonesia does not allow international connection. As such, I propose removing the "International Hub"and instead adding "Financial Centre" with a 25 score charm.

Why Financial Centre, and why that score?
Because CGK mainly serve Jakarta, which is both the administrative center and the financial centre of Indonesia. Jakarta Metropolitan province specifically has a nominal GDP around $600B, which is both Bangkok and Manila's combined. Furthermore, CGK is HQ to many of the largest Indonesian companies and foreign companies.


SUB - Financial Centre
Currently, SUB has no charm attached to it. I argue that SUB should have a minor Financial Centre charm with a score of 7 to 10.

Because SUB covers East Java, which is the 2nd largest economic province for Indonesia. Surabaya, the main city for SUB, has a developed reputation as a trading centre and gateway to East Indonesia from the colonial era to this day. East Java is also a major destination for foreign investment, particularly by companies seeking to establish presence in East Indonesia.

JOG - Tourist Charm
Currently, JOG has no tourist charm. Furthermore, it's airport scale is listed at 1. I propose that JOG's airport scale is increased to at least 3 with a tourist charm of 15 to 20.

Why increase to 3?
Practically speaking, it's because JOG is capable of serving 737-800s and A320s (I know this'll be changed soon though in 1.2 or 2).

Why the tourist charm?
Because JOG serves Yogyakarta region which is the cultural capital of Java. Yogyakarta is home to Indonesia's only monarchy, and it houses many museums and art centers related to classic Javanese. JOG also covers two critical tourist sites other than Yogyakarta. The first is Borobudur Temple, which is the world's largest Buddhist temple and stands as one of the major archaeological site for Buddhism in Southeast Asia (comparable to Angkor Wat). Borobudur is also the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia. The second is Prambanan Temple, which is the second largest Hindu temple compound in Southeast Asia.

JED - Tourist Charm
Currently, JED has no tourist charm. I propose that JED has a high tourist charm, perhaps 15 to 20.

Because JED serves as the main gateway for the Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage. JED has a terminal specifically built to handle the Hajj, with a very large space that just lags behind DXB and HKG.