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Re: Atlas Alliance
« on: August 23, 2018, 01:46:07 am »
Hello fellow Atlas Alliance members (and members of other alliances that may wish to negotiate  ;D) from Standard Air
I'll try to facilitate discussion on here for the time being. You can reach me through email or drop a comment down below.

ElectricAir - I'm working on connecting our American hubs and your southern hub soon so you should see a large boost once those go through. Feel free to beef up those domestic routes. It's a long shot to the top 5 so I'm sure there's better profit to be had in less competitive markets where we can build up our fleet and then return in greater number for the North American market.

The same goes for Permian, Mazuku and our alliance founder. I'm temporarily taking my focus off of high profit routes to build a better network for the alliance, but don't worry I'm sure we'll see some explosive growth soon. I'll likely focus on NA since I can see a route to top 3 US. Smaller out of country routes should be able to accommodate more growth as a result. Every point counts in our climb to the top.

Don't let our competitor's numbers daunt you. Remember, we can gain a top spot by either building a larger passenger base, or shrinking theirs! :D
If you guys need any more passengers on a specific route for a top spot in a country, just let me know and I'll see if I can drop prices to a local hub to increase transit ridership.

- Standard Air