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Re: TripleA alliance thread
« on: August 21, 2018, 12:28:38 pm »
TBH I think 1st Italy is easily within reach for SudAmerica without a fourth Italian base.

A minor addition to Starlight's point about the US: LAX is a fantastic choice of HQ if you are going that route. There are tons and tons of direct flights from it that Starlight doesn't cover, and there is a tremendous and constantly increasing amount of alliance passenger volume through there. I just added SYD LAX and will be beefing up that, HND (Tokyo) LAX, and TPE (Taipei) LAX substantially. Expect to get around 30k connecting passenger volume from my flights alone.

As for expansion plans: a quick glance at my Rival page or the alliance map should make my strategy obvious. I'm a simple regional airline (my region is Asia). I'm testing the waters in Australia and depending on how well that expansion goes will aim for 2nd or maybe 1st (marking the third prestige market I'll have taken from Air Canada :D). I'm thinking of a third Australia base in Melbourne, Canberra, or Brisbane (on top of Sydney and Perth).

I'm also about to set up a Hong Kong base since Starlight left it but I'm not married to that.

Outside of that I really don't have much in the way of expansion plans and am mostly just defending / optimizing my current territory and filling out international routes.

A word of warning: India is a trap. Don't go there. It's worth almost nothing by way of points and you'll never run a profit there unless your airline is completely dedicated to operating in very poor countries (low service funding, no planes larger than an A318, etc.).

edit: oh, and there's actually room in Japan for another airline. It may be a little tough to get to 2nd, but I think you could make a reasonable profit off of Osaka (ITM) and Tokyo (NRT). Fukuoka (FUK) is another possibility although Auburn is using it heavily.
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