Author Topic: Demand is weird?  (Read 105 times)


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Re: Demand is weird?
« on: March 11, 2020, 12:45:13 pm »
Not really a bug, but had no where else to put it except Airport suggestions. Let's say- Isle of Man to Liverpool. A flight with a whole lot of flights & passenger numbers IRL. The demand in game is 0, how is the demand determined? I get around 30 people with a VERY LOW PRICE and still, 2 or so people fly.-

I don't think it follow real life demand. You can see the code in GitHub to find how demand being determined.

Correct, it capture some basic factors in the world (country code, country relation, city strength, airport size, population etc), but demand is computed using simulation not by any real life data.

Since this is a sandbox game, IRL Isle of Man to Liverpool might be getting a lot of traffic if Liverpool is a transit hub and offer alot of flights to Isle of Man. But in this game, it could be different. People might be setting up hubs elsewhere and fly to IOM from some other hubs that otherwise has no direct flight to IOM IRL

Some situation IRL can also be very specific - The game approach is to use generic factor to try to simulate that, for example isolated airport in this game will have elevated demand to bigger airports close by - but again since it's generic it will NOT be as specific as u see IRL - we do not hardcode any demand between 2 airports at all.