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Game basic concepts and mechanics
« on: June 20, 2018, 02:16:16 am »
This thread discuss various basic game concepts and mechanics:

(work in progress)


Airline reputation
determines your airline grade. An airline reputation is calculated by 2 factors : weekly passenger volume and # of championed countries. Weekly passenger volume can push reputation to 50 at the highest. To go further, your airline would need to be one of the top airlines of a country. More challenging markets usually award more reputation bonus

Airline reputation also affects how visible is your airline to passengers around the world as well as airport slot assignments

Airline grade
Affects how many routes and airport bases you could have(hubs, other than your Headquarter). 

Airline Grade  Airline Reputation  Max Intercontinental flight  Max Airport base  Max Airplane Models
New Airline0-10001
Local Airline10-20002
Municipal Airline20-30013
Regional Airline30-40024
Continental Airline40-50335
Lesser International Airline50-60646
Third-class International Airline60-70957
Second-class International Airline70-801268
Major International Airline80-901579
Top International Airline90-10018810
Top International Airline II100-12521910
Top International Airline III125-150241010
Top International Airline IV150-175271110
Top International Airline V175-200301210
Legendary Airline200-225331310
Ultimate Airline225-250361410
Celestial Spaceline250+391510

For Route limit on domestic flight and regional flight (within same continent but different country OR flight distance <= 1000km), please refer to

Airline service quality
Company wide investment made for research and training. Can be modified via in "Office"


Airport loyalty to airline
Slowly builds up with consistent flights serving the airport. Presence of Headquarter or base also boost loyalty.

Higher quality flights will give a higher loyalty over time. Airlines with high loyalty attracts more passengers and can charge a higher ticket price

Airport awareness to airline
Slowly builds up with consistent flights serving the airport. Presence of Headquarter or base also boost awareness.

With low awareness, passenger will not choose your flights simply because your service is not known to them. This is very common for new routes and new airlines.

Airport slot assignment
Slots an airport offered to your airline to operate flights. Affected by a number of factors
  • Airport Loyalty to your airline
  • Airport Awareness to your airline
  • Airline Reputation
  • Scale of the airport
  • How busy is the airport
  • Relationship to your mother country
  • Country Openness

Airport Scale
Determines the population coverage radius and percentage of passenger this airport attracts. Also affect airport fees as well as number of slots available

Airport population coverage
Passenger population covered by this airline. The bigger the population, the more passengers there will be

Airport income
Currently the same as country income. Directly affect how many outbound/inbound passengers and the composition of passenger types (business/tourist). More affluent airports also support a bigger base of business and first class passengers


Country mutual relationship
How close are the 2 countries. Countries with close ties will have more passengers traveling between them. Countries with hostile relationship will have greatly reduced passengers or none at all.

This also affect if a foreign country is willing to let your airline to operate in their country

Country income
Currently same as airport income. See airport income for details

Country openness
How open is a country to foreign airlines from scale of 1 to 10
7 - 10 : Completely open market. Allowing foreign airline to operate freely in the country. Foreign passengers might also have stopover this country and travel to another foreign country (6th freedom of air)
4 - 6 : Allowing foreign airline to setup base and operate in the country. However passengers cannot have stopover in this country to travel to another foreign country
2 - 4 : Foreign airline cannot setup base (hence no outbound flight from this country). Foreign airline can still operate inbound flight to this country though
0 - 2 : Completely closed market. No foreign airline can fly to this country

Openness of a country would also affect how likely will it offer slots to new foreign airlines

Country champion
Airlines with ridership on Top 5 of a country will be considered "Country Champions" and will receive Airline reputation bonus. The amount of bonus awarded will be based on the ranking and the size of the aviation market of that country. For details, click on the country in the "country" screen

## Headquarter/Base
Base type
Base scale
Base upkeep
Base limit

## Flight
Flight service level
Flight overall quality
Flight costs
Freedom of the Air
Flight type

## Passenger
Passenger Type
Passenger Preference

## Airplane

## Bank
Loan term
Loan interest

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