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6 New Airplane Models! Thanks Blue Sky!
« on: December 01, 2018, 06:41:51 pm »
Introducing 6 new Airplane Models: Airbus A300-600, Boeing 757-200, Embraer EMB190, Fokker 100, MD-11 and MD-90!

Many thanks to Blue Sky for code contributions!  :D

Here is the descriptions of each model:

McDonnel Douglas MD-11 -> competitor to the Il-93-300, a new plane in the 300 pax range, it's also a cheap and inefficient, but not as much as the 93-300

A300-600 ->This A300 is airbus competitor in the ~250pax range. It's cheaper and has a higher capacity than the Dreamliner. It has almost half the range and it's not as fuel efficient.

Boeing 757-200 -> another Boeing variant, competitor to the A320neo, higher capacity but less efficient.

McDonnel Douglas MD-90 -> it's a short haul plane between both 737 in terms of capacity, cheaper but with lesser range. Somewhat the same efficiency, lower lifespan.

Fokker 100 & Embraer EMB190 -> 2 extra planes in the ~100 pax capacity range, competitors with the superjet100, both are more expensive and efficient with a longer lifespan.

The EM190 is designed to be a poor man's A318, a little cheaper to buy but has a lower lifespan and less capacity.

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