Author Topic: Airport Authorities will now revoke routes with prolonged low load factors  (Read 91 times)


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To encourage competition and ensure active airlines can more easily fight inactive behemoth airlines, a new mechanism is introduced!

If below conditions are met, airport authorities will cease the route operation of the offending airlines:
1. If a route has more than 3 providers (from both directions)
2. if a route has less than 50% LF in every single week in the last 52 weeks

Airline authorities will issue warnings to airline if certain route drops below 50% and subject to cancellation, Airlines would have 52 weeks to resolve the problem

To enable better tracking of the this, a new "log" tab is added to the side bar. It shows if any route (including rival's) has been revoked due to prolonged low load factor. An alert table can also be found in that tab to show all the outstanding warnings.

Enjoy!!!  ;D