Author Topic: Avarage income level for country with high population and high inequality  (Read 64 times)


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I posted a little question in the game chat, and Air Canada (which i believe is  patson) answered it but still...

I was told that the income level of a country gets calculated using realworld value, such as GDP per capita / median wage / family income.

But for huges countries like China or India the avarage income level is somehow meaningless, based on the fact that even if you take out all the population that can't take airplaine because they earn less than what's needed to get in a plane, it still remain 150 to 300 million people in China and around 100 million in India earning as much as the american or european middle/high class.
To them taking the plane is common, so they should expect same services than european do.
What 'im trying to say is that, even if the lower class people are counted in the 278 million covered in China, they are a only a mere minority of the population covered by those airports that are mostly placed near the big cities, where the majority of the middle class (earing as much as the middle european) lives.

Based on that the population which take flight to travel in those 2 country in example is more like a 30 to 40 income level of the game (based only on my understanding of the ccurrent game mecanics)...

Well that's my opinion based only on what i understood, but i'd be curious to know more :)