Author Topic: Releasing V1.1 very SOON! [and Release notes]  (Read 172 times)


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Releasing V1.1 very SOON! [and Release notes]
« on: December 31, 2019, 03:22:28 pm »
Yes, it might happen today (depending on adjustments and bug fixes). If not, likely some time this week. I am testing location with the live data now to ensure the change would not radically impact most players.

This is the list of game-play changes:

1. A single airplanes can now be assigned to multiple routes.
2. Airplanes are now assigned to a "home base" (which can be changed later). An airplane can only fly routes that originate from its home base.
3. Introduction of Seat configuration template system. For each airline, it can create upwards of 5 seat configuration templates per airplane model.
4. Introduction of "Overtime compensation", each airline hub (based on level) operates with certain route capacity, if certain hub flies more than the capacity, Overtime compensation will be charged.
5. Introduction of "National Airlines" and "Partnered Airlines". Each country will have her own "National Airlines" and "Partnered Airlines" (the max count is based on the market size). For bigger aviation markets such as US and China, there could be up to 2 National Airlines and 4 Partnered Airlines. National Airlines must have HQs based in that country, it will be selected by the highest ridership ones. Similarly for partnered airlines, its also sorted by ridership but without the HQs requirement. National Airlines get loyalty bonus in all airports of that country while Partnered Airline gets one third the amount
; National Airlines get +20 route capacity bonus in all hubs of that country, while Partnered Airline gets +10.

6. Virtual passengers are slightly less willing to take transit flight if they have to switch airline/alliance network in their itinerary,  this will NOT affect same airline/alliance transits
7. Airplanes now have slightly more "flyable hours" (from 3.5 days per week to 4)

What are the possible immediate effects after the upgrade:

1. Flight frequency MIGHT decrease on some long haul routes. This is due to the fact that airplanes can no longer have "decimal point" frequencies add up to the total frequency. This will affect mostly long haul flights. The "flyable" time of each airplane has been increased from 3.5 days to 4 days, therefore most of the route should NOT see frequency change except long haul ones.
2. Seats configurations of some of routes might change slightly (if you have more than 5 configuration variation on the same airplane model in v1.0). An upgrade script will map existing airplanes to a closest seat configuration if there are not enough template to accommodate all variations.
3. The new overtime compensation MIGHT hit airlines with very high route count. This however, should NOT affect most players. As even Galactic Republic (which has 600+ routes) does NOT hit any ceilings of the newly imposed limit. However, I do see some smaller airlines that operate on extremely high # of routes being affected.

What should I do after the upgrade?

1. Reorganize the routes, since airplanes can no longer fly "decimal" frequency, it will free up some flyable time on airplanes that used to fly only long hauls. You can then assign those airplanes to fly shorter haul route as well. Overall, it is expected that most airlines should be able to fly MORE frequency and routes than before
2. If your airline is affected by the overtime compensation. Either reduce the amount of route or upgrade your base scale for higher route capacity
3. Go over the airplane and route seat configurations (the upgrade script should have already mapped to the closest configuration)

UI changes

Many UI elements have be rewritten/enhanced to accommodate the game-play changes:

1. Plan/Edit route screen is rewritten to allow frequency configuration PER assigned airplane. The frequency section now shows a list of all assigned airplanes and corresponding seat configuration and frequency per airplane (configurable). It also gives a better prompt if any of the limits (airport slot, frequency camp) is violated.
2. Model/Inventory Page has been reorganized. The airplane inventory per model is now a popup. The airplanes are now grouped by home airport.
3. Added a new "Seat config" popup on the Model page. User can add/modify/delete Seat configuration in the popup as well as assigning a "default" template. Newly acquired airplanes (new/used) will be constructed with the "default" template. Airplanes are also shown here grouped by seat configuration.
4. Individual Airplane details no longer shows as a small section in the airplane model screen (usually in the bottom right of the screen). It is now a popup and can be accessed from 3 locations:
   - Clicking on the airplane icon in the inventory listing
   - Clicking on the airplane icon in the seat configuration listing
   - Clicking on the airplane icon in the airplane frequency assignment section of the route edit screen
5. Individual Airplane details now show available flight time, home base and seat configuration. User can also change the home base and seat configuration here
6. Country details now shows National and Partnered Airlines. The layout has also been improved
7. Office screen now shows the list of airline bases as well as route limit, current route count and overtime compensation. The overtime compensation is also shown in the income sheet.
8. Rival screen now shows the national and Partnered Airlines titles of your rival

Cheers!  :D
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Re: Releasing V1.1 very SOON! [and Release notes]
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2020, 05:38:35 pm »
Wow, quite some changes! Going to take some time to adapt so that everything is optimized again... :)

Question: What are the conditions to become a partnered airline? There are quite a lot of countries without one, why?


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Re: Releasing V1.1 very SOON! [and Release notes]
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2020, 07:24:17 pm »
Heya Neez!

Sorry my last patch was bad and it accidentally removed a lot of stuff. Im restoing the data right before the patch and re-patch it again.

The game should be back soon!

Let me know if u have any questions! Either ingame or here!

Cheers  :D