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Title: Proposed Re-Sizing - KISP (Long Island MacArthur Airport)
Post by: SchindHaughton on July 28, 2020, 11:38:36 pm
Hello, I noticed when looking through data that KISP is a level 2 airport, which is inappropriate based on the real life service the airport sees. While it is a pretty low traffic airport (mainly through mismanagement of various varieties... but I digress :)), it is capable of handling a lot more than it does. Plus, ISP sees A321 service from Frontier, which is a class 3 aircraft. SWA has also flown 737s there for many years. With a runway just a hair over 7,000 feet, you could get a widebody in there if you had to (11/29 at EWR is shorter, and A330s regularly operate from there). The terminal is good to adequate depending on where you are- the part SWA uses handles 737s with ease.

I'd say level 3 is appropriate for this airport. If we're going by airfield capability, I think 4 is justified (I think the airport could accommodate a 767, for instance)