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General Discussion / Re: increase Available flight time
« on: March 30, 2020, 01:57:47 pm »
Can I increase available flight time per airplane? I have to got free slots but cannot use the plane to its full potential. It only flies about 6 hours a day and stays unused for the rest of the time. Even if I add the turnaround time, there is still many hours left which could be used.

If u click on the clock icon (next to the assigned airplanes in the route edit tab), what number does it show?

There's currently no way to increase the available flight time - it's being set to certain ratio of a week for game balance

Perhaps the airport is not big enough to fly them?

Under Development / Wish List / Suggestions / Re: Second game world.
« on: March 30, 2020, 01:55:16 pm »
You can always host a second one :O  the source code is there  ;D

As for me, I really cannot afford to host a second one, for both time and money unfortunately :(

I know we cant help with the time but maybe that has been freed up recently, if so we could help with the funding. Maybe that could a be a fundraising goal, "if we get $X then we can open a new world"

Love the game, best airline sim out there. Great work.

Aww thanks Auburn!

I am kinda holding off for now as there will be V2 and it will be a game reset. So we can enforce a lower route limit or by other in-game mechanics to avoid excessive routes :)

Im curious, what's the game's target speed supposed to be? Is it just processing as fast as it can right now?

Think target is 30, but now it's trying the best it can

Reset was applied to account inactive for a year

Bug Reports / Re: Alliance page is broken
« on: March 12, 2020, 05:53:43 pm »
it shows fine for me on Chrome PC.

Can u tell me where did u load it from? browser and os ? :)

Bug Reports / Re: Demand is weird?
« on: March 11, 2020, 12:45:13 pm »
Not really a bug, but had no where else to put it except Airport suggestions. Let's say- Isle of Man to Liverpool. A flight with a whole lot of flights & passenger numbers IRL. The demand in game is 0, how is the demand determined? I get around 30 people with a VERY LOW PRICE and still, 2 or so people fly.-

I don't think it follow real life demand. You can see the code in GitHub to find how demand being determined.

Correct, it capture some basic factors in the world (country code, country relation, city strength, airport size, population etc), but demand is computed using simulation not by any real life data.

Since this is a sandbox game, IRL Isle of Man to Liverpool might be getting a lot of traffic if Liverpool is a transit hub and offer alot of flights to Isle of Man. But in this game, it could be different. People might be setting up hubs elsewhere and fly to IOM from some other hubs that otherwise has no direct flight to IOM IRL

Some situation IRL can also be very specific - The game approach is to use generic factor to try to simulate that, for example isolated airport in this game will have elevated demand to bigger airports close by - but again since it's generic it will NOT be as specific as u see IRL - we do not hardcode any demand between 2 airports at all.

Thanks for all the suggestions!!  ;D what about this:

1. Force rebuild all airlines that are not active for more than a year
2. No emails notifications will be sent

My reasoning is :

1. If someone have not been playing the game for a whole year, he/she would probably be okay if the airline is rebuilt - at least they have the capital to start over again
2. It is the easiest thing for me to implement :P
3. I don't want to send email notifications as I kinda dun want people to just log in and out just to keep the airline. If someone is inactive for such a long time, it's better to silently let that airline go ;)

I will run some tests later on and see how much performance gain does that give - i set it to one whole year now as i feel like it might have already made a good impact already - we can always adjust that later on

Thoughts??? :)

Under Development / Wish List / Suggestions / Re: Second game world.
« on: March 09, 2020, 09:30:56 pm »
Used to be AWS...but it was too pricey so i migrated to digital ocean kekeke

Sounds cool - but would need admin to filter through pictures :)

The game was trolled by some malicious players before  :-[

As someone who has come back to the game after a year's hiatus and has since been playing daily, I would not like to come back to see my airline forcibly rebuilt/bankrupted.

Maybe a better way would be to not include their routes in pax sim calculations, pause their airline state, after a certain period of inactivity (e.g. 3 months is fair to me), and unfreeze their routes once they come back. That way, they won't lose their bases, their routes, their money, and it wouldn't cause a strain on the simulator, and virtually frees up routes for newer players.

Ya i agree that addresses my concern that I dun want to wipe out players that are taking breaks.

hrmmm...simulation wise maybe it's  not that bad...i can look at that maybe next week :) I am taking a coding break right now hehe

It was the increased volume of virtual customers :)

It should be back to a more "normal" 80 minutes now

Hmm dropping inactive players would have huge impact to the game - especially for transits... I will think about that :)

Under Development / Wish List / Suggestions / Re: Icons for Alliances
« on: February 29, 2020, 12:14:25 pm »

Hi guys,

Relatively new to the game but loving it and the community so far.

I do hope this is the right thread to suggest an edit to any particular aircraft. Starting as a small regional (and having an aviation background) I was comparing the SAAB 2000 to the ERJ 135/140/145 family. Firstly the stated cruise speed of the 2000 is 665km/h which is higher than what the game currently has it as. Next was ref fuel burn. The fuel burn for the 2000 is higher than the ERJ's. I think that might not be the case. I know for a fact that Eastern Airways dropped their ERJ 140s for SAAB 2000's due to a higher fuel efficiency than the ERJ family.

Hopefully I've not got the wrong end of the stats here then.

Keep up the great work!


EDIT: Have read the Fuel re work post and now understand this is more of a cost to operate, rather than fuel burn. Possibly still should favour the 2000 rather than the ERJ's?

hehe welcome to the game!

Poor Saab 2000 does need some love but then fokker 50 is even worse...i will ponder about some minor tweaks, no guarantees tho...cause it's like a chain reaction if i change one model then i will likely need to adjust a few more XDD

Bug Reports / Re: Plane Selling BUG - Important!!!
« on: February 23, 2020, 11:30:16 pm »
Thank you!!! Yes the bug has been fixed and unfortunately some airlines used the exploit to make money...

Tried to revert the balance of those airlines but it's pretty time consuming :P

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