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Thank you for the detailed feedback! Cleared2land

While hangar could make a good addition, at this point I am not too motivated to implement it, as it actually is very similar in nature as the "favorite model" proposal. In a way u can just treat the "favorite" as a global hangar?   ;)  I think i lack motivation because:
1.  i (just personally preference here) don't really see it being "dynamic" enough - I would likely just build one, set it to one model and be done with it (in a way we can argue that many other existing elements are the same - lounge, or even this new favorite).
2. This is more realistic - it takes quite a bit of coding to get it working. So if it does not bring enough excitement, I would rather keep the simplicity of the game (and the code ;) )

The reason for 5% is that i want airlines to fight for it - My intention is not to give discount to just everyone. Small airlines can probably find good deals with the "airplane sale" discount, but to get "favorite" (in a way it's volume discount, basically a major customer of certain model) airlines would have to pick the right model to fight for : if an airline is not big enough - perhaps picking a less popular model would work. <- this is my goal. If I remove the 5%, then it will open for everyone and people will just likely to go for more "powerful" models. That being said, i might adjust the % depending on how it really looks like when the feature go live. I want to make this "challenging", yet doable for mid-size airline (airplanes that have around 50 a/c or so)

So on top of grouping airplanes into series and limit the series instead of airplane model, we have discussed some extra change proposals:

1. If an airplane model is not having much demand, it will have a slight discount (up to 20% off), the construction time will as well be reduced (up to 50% off)
2. Favorite/discount model :
  1. Each airlines can pick at most 1 model and mark it as favorite
  2. The airline has to own at least 5% of the model in service globally. (this makes it easier for airline to obtain the status on less popular airplane model)
  3. Volume purchasing/maintenance discount will be applied to the model. however its benefit will be reduced for bigger model (for example A380 will likely have only 1-2% discount).
  4. Airlines can only change the favorite every 50 turns (to avoid airlines by switching models in the same term and buy airplanes different models with discounts)
  5. Final price will NEVER be below 80% (combined with discount from big point 1)
3. Adding stats on the top 5 operators of each airplane model and how many airplanes are in service
4. Will NOT have discount based on home base as proposed earlier on

Thoughts :)?

Bug Reports / Re: Missing airplane
« on: February 14, 2020, 10:02:18 pm »
Check the config page, do u see it there?

Under Development / Wish List / Suggestions / Re: v1.2 planning!
« on: February 14, 2020, 12:02:22 am »
Thy to make it so difficult?
Airplane type have some basic maintenance cost plus a little fee per one aircraft:

737 type maintenance cost: 300,000USD
5x 737/500 - 125,0000
2x 737/800 - 60,000

A320 family maintenance cost: 400,000
5x A319 - 100,000
2x A320 - 50,000
2x A32N - 60,000

for example

I think this model makes sense but it will give bigger player more edge (since it will be on average cheaper if they have a bigger fleet) which im reluctant to do so

General Discussion / Re: Olympics have arrived!
« on: February 14, 2020, 12:00:04 am »
as far as i know the voting reward is either loyalty or cash? Did you see the option for reputation? If so, it's a bug (reputation reward is only available for reaching the score, which is not in progress yet)

As title :)

This is done to clean up the game a little bit

Take note that those airlines will still be around, but just with no HQs

Under Development / Wish List / Suggestions / Re: v1.2 planning!
« on: February 09, 2020, 01:52:50 pm »
Hello Patson!  :)

Would you consider my proposal about airplane maintenance?
What I realy like about this game is it's pretty realistic in many aspects.
And I'm afraid that adding a discount on airplane maintenance based on a manufacturer/home base in not very realistic.

How about adding a possibility to "build" a maintenance hangar - exactly the same way as we can build a lounge? It could be pretty cheap or free, it's up to you. For each airline base there could be max two hangars. And to make thinks more challenging, there could not be hangars for Airbus and Boeing at the same time. So players could create cheaper maintenance for example Airbus+Bombardier or Boeing+Embraer etc. Some of the new plane types (I don't know which are going to be added) could be together in other groups.

Other way could be more simple, not depending on each hub. In Office tab there could be a choice to choose two manufacturers for which you want to have a discount globaly.

Anyway I mean it would be nice if players could have a possibility to actively influence their maintenance discount wherever a hub is.

The original proposal of maintenance price based on home base was an attempt to make airplane model's advantage more "situational", that one airplane model should not be absolutely better than the other in all airports. I agree that it's not that realistic - I don't mind if something is not realistic as far as it enhances the gameplay. The problem with that proposal tho, is that it might not be a good way to enhance gameplay. I like the existing game restrictions on airplane model base on home country. I guess i will likely put the maintenance discount thing in V2, which airline will have relationship with each country/airline manufacturer (or even tie to some supply and demand). So that less popular manufactoring with get some love

I think ur proposal is indeed more realistic, my concern tho is that it does not achieve the goal i have in mind - to make airplane model more situational. It might actually go the other direction - if a airplane model is a bit better than the other, the imbalance will be further aggravate my everyone having the same hangar types. It's still an interesting idea, but im wondering if it can be adjusted to achieve the goal?

General Discussion / Olympics have arrived!
« on: February 08, 2020, 11:11:49 pm »
The Olympics game recurs every 4 years! Here is the flow of the game

Year 1
6 random cities will be chosen from 6 unique countries. Voting for host city will be opened!
In order to qualify for voting, your airline should have at least 30 reputation. National airlines will be awarded with one more vote

The voting is in form of "exhaustive ballot". Which each airlines will need to rank the precedence of their choice (1 as highest, 6 as lowest) on each candidate cities.

Year 2
Voting is closed and the host city will be announced
Airlines that voted (1st precedence) of the host city will receive rewards of either:
1. $10,000,000 subsidy in cash
2. +2 loyalty of the airports around the host city

Each airline will be assigned a "Score goal" to accomplish before the closing of the Games

Year 3
Games preparations - the airports within the radius will be marked

Year 4
Games Year!
A new type of passenger "olympics" (on top of business and tourist) will start traveling to the Airports around the host city. The demand will be:
First 36 weeks, small amount of pax
Next 8 weeks, moderate amount of pax
Next 4 weeks, high amount of pax
Next 4 weeks (during the game), highest amount of pax

This is the scoring system:
1. If your airline carries a pax via a direct flight from an airport to olympics, you are awarded 1 point
2. If your airline carries a pax via a transit flight (one leg of n transits), then you are awarded 1 / n point

Details will be shown on how many points have you accumulated and whether the previous week was on track or not

Extra ranking info will also be shown on top 10 countries with the most successfully traveled passenger and top 10 countries with the most passenger that cannot find flights. Top airlines will also be shown as well

After the game
If your airline reaches the goal, then you can claim one of the 3 rewards below:
1. 3 loyalty bonus on airports around the host city for 4 years after the Olympics Games ended
2. 5 reputation boost (one time only, reputation will eventually drop back to normal level)
3. $20,000,000 cash reward

Going to release it very soon!

Hmm...second thought...perhaps i should change the code logic to not replace any airplane if you have no cash to replace the lowest condition one. That way it will force ur airline to save up money to replace the oldest one first...ok i will implement that :)

Update: it was implemented and deployed yesterday night :)

This is already the default unless it's not working as intended? :)

Though u might have problem if ur lowest condition one is the most expensive one and u have other airplane model which u do have money to replace, in this case ur money will be used to replace the cheaper model and u might then never have enough money to replace the more expensive one

In this case i would advise temporarily removing the auto-renewal, save up money and re-enable the auto-renewal again

Airline Alliance / Re: Unisky thread
« on: January 22, 2020, 01:45:24 pm »
Bushido~ can u hear us?

If so can u please build a lounge in DXB? join us in the in-game chat too if u can ;)

Under Development / Wish List / Suggestions / Re: v1.2 planning!
« on: January 21, 2020, 09:30:59 pm »
I have some ideas about some aircraft that can fill in some niche role as can be seen in my GitHub pull request. Also, I have some suggestion about changing the aircraft sizing system as the current one classified it by passenger capacity. This will make some aircraft such as the A350-900ULR to be sorted into a medium size aircraft which is unrealistic. A more realistic classification method could be through wingspan. I am working on a prototype but couldn't quite decide how to put the aircraft in the correct wingspan category.

That sounds good!

Yes, using capacity to determine size is not really the best - It makes sense for turnaround time, but not for airport size

It would be cool if we can make the data a bit more realistic, the issue for me tho, is that i dun have enough time and I am by no means an expert in this field when there are so many aviation enthusiast in this game! :)

So any help would be greatly appreciated!

General Discussion / Game is having issues now
« on: January 21, 2020, 02:23:50 pm »
Sorry guys...i noticed that the game server is having issues now.

I really cannot do much as I am at work...hopefully I can sort that out once im home

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