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DXB: Dubai International Airport serves the most international passengers in the world, but inexplicably does not have any designation as an international hub at all. Considering it's busier than London Heathrow (, I propose an international hub charm of 90.

DOH: 18th on the list, but does not have any international hub boost either. Propose an international hub of 35.

JFK: Actually below DOH in terms of passengers, but inexplicably has 80... 35 is probably more appropriate.

AMS: Propose international hub of 70.

Bug Reports / Re: "No Foreign Airline Base"
« on: August 12, 2019, 01:15:43 am »
Wait, if openness is affected by relationship, does this mean it's possible to turn a 6 openness country into an international hub?

Apparently the 2nd or 3rd busiest airport in Chile -

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