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Airline Alliance / British Regional
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:59:25 pm »

First off thanks to the members of British Regional: Acme Air, Yersiniair, Fresh Air and ScanAir - you have all helped grow the alliance into a fairly major force, covering most of the planet!

Sorry I've not been more active for the last 2 months or so.. moved country and started a new job so have been very busy. Going forward I don't expect to have loads of time to hand but I'll try and login a couple of times a week.

In general I thought it might be a good idea to discuss any areas that we could work on together? atm I would like to re-organise Yorkshire Air, although still not sure what shape that might take. I'm thinking of moving the secondary base at HUY to DSA since its more relevant, and I've just expanded GLA. Not too sure about DUB for now; I might push harder in Ireland or pull out altogether. LBA will remain the main base with LH routes.

To anyone who has applied for membership in the last few months and given up: sorry! If you're still interested then you are more than welcome :) Lots of space left in the alliance + I can remove my alt

All the best,

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