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Re: Airplane pricing and discounts for v1.2
« on: February 15, 2020, 05:06:18 pm »
1. If an airplane model is not having much demand, it will have a slight discount (up to 20% off), the construction time will as well be reduced (up to 50% off)
- This one is good / Meaning that even those not-so-good models will find their buyers

2. Favorite/discount model :
  1. Each airlines can pick at most 1 model and mark it as favorite
  - Well... 2 would be better  :)

  2. The airline has to own at least 5% of the model in service globally. (this makes it easier for airline to obtain the status on less popular airplane model)
  - No please. In most cases only the big airlines would benefit of this.
  3. Volume purchasing/maintenance discount will be applied to the model. however its benefit will be reduced for bigger model (for example A380 will likely have only 1-2% discount).
  - As I have suggested earlier the maintenance discount would be nice. Let the airlines/players build their maintenance facility for just and only two plane models

  4. Airlines can only change the favorite every 50 turns (to avoid airlines by switching models in the same term and buy airplanes different models with discounts)
  - The maintenance facility might be handled on the office page, same as a lounge. It should cost some money (for small model less, for A380 a lot = so that it would
    be fair for big and small airlines)
    And yes, it could be changed, whenever, but would cost money to be spent again for different hangar/maintenance facility
  5. Final price will NEVER be below 80% (combined with discount from big point 1)
  - When it comes to purchasing new planes there is already point nr1 for not so favorite planes.
    And for those popular it would be realistic to make discount possible for buying more of them at the same time. Bigger planes will have smaller discount (for example
    10 EMB-120 = 20% discont per one plane while 10 A380 = 2% discount per one)

3. Adding stats on the top 5 operators of each airplane model and how many airplanes are in service
  - Yes, the more stats the better :-)
    For the actual statistic - Can the Ranking tab be expanded not only for the whole world but also for each continent? So more of us could see how their airline is

4. Will NOT have discount based on home base as proposed earlier on
  - Agree, not very realistic

What I think:
a) The goal should be to encourage the players to buy even those "bad planes" because they can be even cheaper if there is no demand for them - this would create opportunity to make a "great deal for few bucks" while keeping things fair for everyone

b) Make the game updates semi-realistic = Manufacturer: "Ou, you want to buy many planes from us? We will give you a discount"

c) Keep it balanced = Starting airline could choose/build an hangar for EMB-120 (for ex. 5M USD) giving 10% maintenance discount and C. Caravan (like 2M USD) giving 20% maint. discoun. When grow bigger the facility can be changed for A320 or B737 (100M USD) with 5% maintenance discount and so on... Everyone would benefit from it
This would make the players to think more about their fleet composition, which might be more unified (Of course we can have up to 10 plane models but it would be more beneficial to have A320neo or B738-8MAX  not both of them at the same time because for one of them there would be maintenace discount).