Author Topic: Airplane pricing and discounts for v1.2  (Read 142 times)


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Re: Airplane pricing and discounts for v1.2
« on: February 15, 2020, 06:57:09 pm »
Thank you for the detailed feedback! Cleared2land

While hangar could make a good addition, at this point I am not too motivated to implement it, as it actually is very similar in nature as the "favorite model" proposal. In a way u can just treat the "favorite" as a global hangar?   ;)  I think i lack motivation because:
1.  i (just personally preference here) don't really see it being "dynamic" enough - I would likely just build one, set it to one model and be done with it (in a way we can argue that many other existing elements are the same - lounge, or even this new favorite).
2. This is more realistic - it takes quite a bit of coding to get it working. So if it does not bring enough excitement, I would rather keep the simplicity of the game (and the code ;) )

The reason for 5% is that i want airlines to fight for it - My intention is not to give discount to just everyone. Small airlines can probably find good deals with the "airplane sale" discount, but to get "favorite" (in a way it's volume discount, basically a major customer of certain model) airlines would have to pick the right model to fight for : if an airline is not big enough - perhaps picking a less popular model would work. <- this is my goal. If I remove the 5%, then it will open for everyone and people will just likely to go for more "powerful" models. That being said, i might adjust the % depending on how it really looks like when the feature go live. I want to make this "challenging", yet doable for mid-size airline (airplanes that have around 50 a/c or so)

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