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Macro Gameplay Loop
« on: December 08, 2020, 05:51:00 pm »
I'll be honest, I haven't played in quite a while from loss of interest. Early on, it's pretty fun - you find under-served routes, make money, expand, make your way up to more efficient planes, etc. But at a certain point, it just becomes a game of undercutting and competing against other airline networks in a static world. Your planes and operating costs are all generally the same as other players, you share the same geography, etc - there needs to be some kind of evolving environment for long-term strategy and growth. Some off-the-cuff suggestions:

  • Growth of airport size, depending on traffic
  • Increasing attractors for business/tourism
  • Population changes in income and numbers
  • Random events...  like an epidemic or change in relations that lead to changes in traffic :P