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Re: Route profitability %
« on: January 07, 2020, 10:52:28 am »
Welcome to the game Sami :)

Indeed profitability is an important figure!

The existing route coloring in the map is already done according to profitability - greener the route more profitable it is (or red as the opposite)

It is indeed quite easy to add that to the existing route listing, the current concern tho, is that the # of columns in that table are already using most of the width, adding more fields could further cramp that table.

I personally sort routes based on revenue first and then go down the number (i have hundreds of route), the one that are less profitable (% wise) would kinda stand out as the "profit" column is expected to be in descending order too (if profitability % is similar), so if i see any of them out of line then i will try to do adjustments :)

That being said, adding profitability could still be possible with some UI tricks, one that i could think of is a toggle that add a # overlay to the rows or color code the routes. I will think about that thanks :)
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