Author Topic: Stand Alone Game Idea (A Reddit thread continued)  (Read 46 times)


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Stand Alone Game Idea (A Reddit thread continued)
« on: December 07, 2018, 05:33:31 am »
I had commented on Patsons post on Reddit the other day and I briefly mentioned there might be a market for a "stand alone" version of this game. It was pointed out that perhaps the game wouldn't be very difficult solo and that the processing power required would severely hamper the game.

I kind of just wanted to throw some ideas about it up in the air and I figured the official forums would be the best place, it looks like you all enjoy talking about crazy ideas for the game. That way also in the future when/if anyone has the same thoughts they can come here and see that it's been talked about or at least it's been posted. Before I start spit-balling, I just want to say that I'm still loving the game "as is", I know you're putting in a lot of hard work and it shows, and I have 0 expectation of any outcome of these ideas. So, these ideas aren't intended to show any disrespect to your current direction of the game and you're doing a great job! I've just got too much time on my hands and want to toss these thoughts into the wind...

Onto the "what-ifs":

Addressing the insane amount of processor work that's being done, I agree, would be a huge problem for a stand alone style version.

Selecting a continent: Starting a game could prompt selection of a continent to play. The game would only have to load that specific area instead of a whole world. Might help cut down the processing power along with also creating difficulty levels. I imagine some continents would be much harder than others.

A.I. Players: Alright I found an older Reddit post where it's said that the AI doesn't expand, they are "only there to fill up the game world at the very beginning of the game" That could certainly be a hurdle and I don't know how hard or even possible it would be to change. Since it'd be offline there would indeed have to be at least a handful of computer driven opponents.

Slimming down the airport list: I think it could be done without too much gameplay impact? Surely this would be a last resort but I think it could be done well. I mean, looking at my state there's close to 30 airports and I didn't even know there was more than 3 that I could fly out of. Granted you'd want a number of small airstrips to help with the early game and add some more depth but I believe that could still be accomplished very well with half the number of total airports in this particular example. I could see this being particularly time consuming though as you couldn't just start wiping random airports off the map, it would almost need to be hand selected. Heck, maybe just doing this would allow for the whole world instead of selecting only a continent?

Anyways, thanks for reading, thanks for making a great game, and I want to say again that you're doing a great job! I'm really sorry if this has been address already but I didn't see it and also I'm sorry if this is just a really stupid idea and a waste of time to talk about but I felt like I had to at least toss it up. Also, sorry if there's typos or weird wordings, I typed it out on my lunch break  :)


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Re: Stand Alone Game Idea (A Reddit thread continued)
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2018, 11:03:21 am »
Actually, it's not THAT bad in terms of processing power required, the game only takes that long because of the hundreds of player airlines and routes.
In my computer, without any airline the game takes 80s and with the 250 pregenerated ones it takes ~3min. It is still a lot, but not nearly as bad as the 25min we currently have.

Slimming down the airport list wouldn't make such a impact (AFAIK), it would decrease the demand all around and would be faster, but the main problem is with the links (routes), the pathfinding.

I don't think that Patson is planning on a singleplayer release, so an working AI is probably never going to happen.

With that said tho, I'm actually planning on working on a SP release of sorts starting next year, but that would just be transforming the game to be easier to install/start with some options for world gen and balance tweaking.
BUT, this is a long time ahead and I don't really know how feasible that is, so don't expect much.
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