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New event idea: World cup
« on: December 19, 2020, 12:53:34 pm »
Right now the Olympics is the only event in the game, but I had an idea for another one: the world cup.

Instead of the Olympics, which is being held in once specific city, the world cup would literally be all over the world. In fact, there have been proposals to organize it that way irl as well. However I suppose we adapt it a bit to make it fit better in the game.

64 countries (randomly picked, tiny countries excluded) would participate in the world cup. Each of them would be set up against a random opponent and a match would be held in either of these countries in a random larger city. That match will attract public, specially from the visiting country and of course from the domestic market, but visitors from third countries might come to watch it as well. For each match it would be up to the airlines to haul as many visitors as possible, but you don't know far in advance which countries will play against each other.

Each country has a chance of winning, the losing country is eliminated. We won't be doing the pools, we'll be going straight to the elimination stage. Then each winner is set up with another winner and again a match will be held. The whole thing is done over again. With each round, more countries are eliminated.

The Olympics are very predictable, the world cup isn't. It can go any possible way, which is what makes it fun. Any airline can get lucky to be based in a city where a match is being held. It can also give the players an opportunity to cheer on their own country just like they would at the real world cup. Right now mostly you often got no idea where in the world a player is from as it's hardly being discussed, this event could change that.