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New features for the next iteration
« on: January 01, 2021, 05:16:22 pm »
Hi all!

Just want to provide a quick update on the goals of next development iteration:
1. Re-design the sign-up and new airline creation flow. It should be more engaging and dynamic:
  - Change of the flow: new signup -> select airport for HQ -> select profile
  - Better visual cue/tutorial style flow to guide new players
  - Easier to read stats in airport screen - probably make it more visually appealing with certain grading system
  - Profiles will be adjusted based on the selected airport difficulty - for example if the user select a smaller airport/harder country, he should get bit more cash or boost at the beginning etc

2. Re-design the IC flight restriction system. Currently it uses "approved/privileged" status to limit IC flight to gateway/non-gateway airport, the plan is to remove that pre-requisite. Instead we will use negotiation difficulty to enforce a more dynamic restriction. For example if it's a more "opened" economy it might be easier in general to start IC to gateway/non-gateway airport etc

3. Re-design the reputation system. Tentative plan is to remove the country based champ point system, and replaced it with a per airport loyalist system. There will likely still be some sort of ranking of loyalist PER airport. Perhaps biggest airport with top 10, medium size with top 5 and small airport with top 3. Airlines get champ/reputation points by having the most loyalist in an airport. There are certain advantage of this over the old system
  - It enables airline to choose different ways of getting to the top - whether dominating one big market or spread out to some less competed markets
  - The "sneak attack" style strategy in V1 which one airline increases capacity and drop price would be less effective in V2. It will still work, but it will take longer time to erode loyalist of rival airline.
The national/partnered airline would still stay with the same bonus (loyalty, negotiation discount) except that it wouldn't contribute to the bonus/champ points to the airline/alliance anymore