Author Topic: Pushing updates from this iteration and resetting data now!  (Read 116 times)


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Pushing updates from this iteration and resetting data now!
« on: January 06, 2021, 12:50:46 am »
Will update once it's done


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Update is completed. Here is the list of changes:

1. Re-design the sign-up and new airline creation flow
  - Change of the flow: new signup -> select airport for HQ -> select profile
  - Added work-in-progress tutorials, which can be completely disabled or re-enable in the office screen
  - Added rating to airport screen to rate the airport's various aspects:
     - Airport power
     - Country power
     - Competition
     - Charms
     - Overall difficulty
  - There will still be 3 profiles which will be adjusted based on the selected airport difficulty. The more difficult, the more starting capital to compensate that. Player will also get jets manufactured by its mother country if such a model is available

2. Re-design the IC flight restriction system
   - IC flight to gateway/non-gateway airport is no longer restrict by approved/privileged status
   - Negotiation difficulty has been adjusted such that it's more difficult to start flights to non-gateway airport for non domestic flight. This is in particular more obvious for IC flight and countries with low openness rating
   - Take note that to build base, it still requires "established" status for gateway airport and "privileged" for all other airports

3. Re-design the reputation system
  - No longer uses country champ to give reputation boost. Country champ only gives loyalty and relationship boost now
  - Use airport loyalist instead for rep boost, the more powerful the airport the more points there is. There will be top N airlines rewarded based on the size of the airport
  - Adjust reputation point required for each level accordingly
  - Added airport champ in various UI sections (office, alliance, airport screen)
  - Added champ map

4. Other general changes
 - First 5 routes will no require negotiation as far as difficulty is less than 10 and that it's not IC route with frequency <=4. This makes starting in Africa easier
 - Lower relationship bonus for being national/partnered airlines
 - Much more but I'm a bit too lazy to go through all the items for now....  ;D