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I will include an example from the game.  Right now I could borrow $100,000 for one year at $2,277 for 52 weeks.  This would be $18,400 in total interest and a total repayment of $118,400.  This is all good so far.  The problem is that the game calls this an 18.4% "interest rate."  In fact, the interest rate on this loan is much higher than 18.4% because the principle is being paid off over time, but the amount of interest charged doesn't go down.  I would be paying interest on money I have already paid back.  I tried to match the terms of this loan using the loan calculator and it is actually 34% APR.  Look at the top option, "Amortized Loan", at the link.

On the other hand the 5 year loan overestimates interest rates for reasons I explained above.  I can also borrow $100,000 for five years at $487 for 260 weeks.  The game calls this 26.% interest, but it actually works out to be about 9.8% interest.  Again see the link and look at the top loan option "Amortized Loan."

1yr loan = 34% APR
5yr loan = 9.8% APR
The rates listed in-game are misleading.  It's not that big of a deal because the actual repayment amounts are accurate.  I love this game, and I only hope to be helpful. 
General Discussion / Re: Flights are not displayed on departure board
« Last post by camron on June 02, 2020, 03:30:55 am »
that thing is mostly cosmetic i believe. it takes a lot of slots used to get there.
General Discussion / Flights are not displayed on departure board
« Last post by Lucas on May 31, 2020, 10:53:18 pm »

I've noticed my flights are not displayed on the departure board, although they are listed on my routes and working fine. Am I missing something?

Airline Alliance / Re: granduer air league
« Last post by meagher79 on May 29, 2020, 02:49:41 pm »
I'm Sky Chariot, and I just applied.  I am a newer airline with a lot of low-volume routes to smaller US cities.  HQ in Salt Lake, hubs in El Paso, Pittsburgh, and (for now) Springfield (MO).  I won't be earning any champion points, but I give access to untapped markets if I can link up with allied hubs in bigger cities.  It looks like Grandeur could really use Trans-Atlantic flights.  I don't have the capital for that though.  I hope I'm accepted, and we can grow to be a major player on both sides of the Atlantic.
General Discussion / coding
« Last post by camron on May 28, 2020, 10:55:37 pm »
this is not directly related to the game, but.. i was wondering if i could realistically learn coding with an online course. i am 14,and have just finished 8th grade, which is as high as boys from my mennonite church usually go. i have pretty much another school year with nothing to do, and i thought that coding might be a good skill to have. if so, what is a good course? how expensive? or is it as i suspect, and it is something that college kids struggle with, impossible for me?
The key point is that the interest is charged each year regardless of the length of the loan.  Let's take a very simple example using "simple interest" instead of compound interest.  A $100 loan for one year at 10% interest would = $110 total repayment as you said, but a $100 loan at 10% interest for 5 years would = $150 because there is 10% interest each year. 

The situation you describe with the 5 year loan does not reflect the circumstances because the borrower gets the full $100 at the beginning and gets to use the $100 for five years (less the amount repaid over time which does reduce the interest). 

Maybe think of the 5 year loan as a series of one year loans.  Suppose on Jan. 1 of 2010, I borrow $100 to buy an airplane part.  On Jan. 1, 2011, I owe $110, but I'm not ready to repay, so I pay $10 interest, but I borrow another $100 to repay the first loan.  The first loan is done, but on Jan 1, 2012 I owe $110 for the second loan.  Again I get a new loan to repay the old one.  Each year I have to pay $10 for the use of the $100 I continue to have borrowed.  A five year loan just combines this process.  (Actually it gets more complicated depending on the repayment schedule and compounding interest.)

Try playing around with a loan calculator such as this one:
You are using the first option: Amortized Loan, where the principle is paid off gradually over the life of the loan.  As an example I looked at a $100,000 loan for 260 months in game.  The total repayment was $124,100 (which the game calls 24.1% interest rate, actually its the total interest)  I played around with the interest rate until I got the same total repayment and it was 8.85%

A very simple solution would be to just eliminate the shorter loans (they are a terrible deal compared to the 5yr), and change the "interest rate" label to "total interest percentage" as I suggested.  The actual 5 yr loan rate seems pretty reasonable. 
Under Development / Wish List / Suggestions / Re: Under Development. Next up
« Last post by Chrisxxx345 on May 27, 2020, 05:19:09 pm »
My wish list
- Arrivals screen
- Other events (e.g. Australian Open, Tour De France, Race across America)
General Discussion / Re: best domestic airplane ?
« Last post by patson on May 27, 2020, 11:32:11 am »
what about mizubishi and CS100? :)
General Discussion / Re: Strategy Discussions
« Last post by camron on May 27, 2020, 09:40:11 am »
network is very important. start with short routes from your hq and then do medium haul. work up to longish haul. then increase frequency on short haul until your load factor drops below 100%. then do the same to medium haul and then long haul. at some point(which i haven't reached yet) you will hit the point of diminishing returns where its a better idea to open a new base.
General Discussion / Re: best domestic airplane ?
« Last post by Aquantis on May 27, 2020, 02:44:04 am »
I am a new player, but based on the stats, I would say the A318 is far too expensive for the number of seats, and it has way more range than you need for most domestic routes.  The Boeing 737-100 is very cheap by comparison and has almost as many seats, though it burns more fuel.  The 737-700C or Bombardier CS100 would be a good replacement if you need  long range and good fuel economy.  If you want a bigger plane, consider the MD-81 or the A20.  In real life I think 737s and A20s are very popular, but I don't know what is best in the game.
The A318 is expensive per-seat but it has amazing fuel economy
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